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Getting started with Public Data Access

Now that you've enabled the Public Data API add-on you're ready to look up data for any of the 5,000,000+ apps we keep track of.

With the Public Data API you can:

  • Search for apps by name
  • Get meta data for an app (name, categories, etc.)
  • Get the current and historic ranks for an app
  • See where and when an app was featured
  • Read all of the reviews for an app
  • See current and historic ratings for an app

The easiest way to get started is by looking up an app through the product search route. Here's a quick example:[your-client-key]

This will return a list of products that have the term "snapchat" in their name with metadata for each. From there you can take the product_id for the app you want and use it with any of the other routes.

Here's a quick example for getting all the reviews for Snapchat (Android): 213940691&client_key=[your-client-key]

With the product_id on hand you can also look up ranks, see when/where is was featured, and get a breakdown of its ratings.

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