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Replying to App Reviews with Appfigures

Using Appfigures you can easily monitor and analyze your reviews, and now also reply to them directly through the platform.

This feature requires the Connect plan or above.

It's a smooth and effortless experience that makes replying to your reviews a breeze.

Replying To a Review

  1. Find the review you'd like to respond to in the Reviews report
  2. Click on "Reply", a popup will open showing the original review + any existing responses
  3. Type your response or update the existing response and click on "Save". Responses can use any character including emoji.

Deleting an existing response

  1. Find the review you'd like to respond to in the Reviews report.
  2. Click "Respond", a new tab will open showing the review as well as the existing response and whether it's published or pending.
  3. Click "remove this response" to delete the response from the App Store. Published responses will be deleted with Apple's standard 24 hour delay.
Note: Apple imposes a 24 hour delay on new responses as well as updates and deletions. You will see the status of the response if you open this tab again. Google does not, so replies appear immediately.

Getting Permission To Reply

If you are the account's owner you'll be able to reply to reviews right away. If you are a sub user however, you will need to request permission first.

When you go to reply to a review but don't have the necessary permission you'll be presented with an option to request it directly from the owner.

When you submit the request, the owner, as well as any other admin who has the permission, will get an email and have the ability to grant you the permission with a single click. You'll get an email one you're granted access, and will be able to reply right away.

Setup for App Store Connect

Replying to reviews requires that the linked App Store Connect account have the correct role. There are two options here:

  1. Using the "Admin" role
  2. Having the "Customer Support" role (in addition to any other roles necessary to import sales and other data).

You can check and updated your role by going to the Users and Roles section of App Store Connect.

Note: Role changes in App Store Connect may take several hours to reflect.

Setup for Google Play Developer Console

To reply to reviews for your Android apps you'll need to set up a secure key through the Google Play Developer Console. Follow the steps in this guide: KB: Replying to app reviews on Google Play