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Tracking Downloads & Revenue for Steam Games with Appfigures

Appfigures provides the resources to easily track important app data from multiple app stores, including Steam!

Knowing how Steam works is key to understanding how data will appear in reports.

What We're Tracking:

  • Purchases and revenue for packages.
  • Downloads for titles, DLCs and in-game purchases.
  • Reviews.

How Products Are Reported:

  • Packages - This will include a combination of app + in-app. In Appfigures, they will appear as a bundle.
  • Titles - Appear in reports as an app.
  • In-Game Purchases - In reports, these products are reported as an app + IAP.
  • DLCs - Can be reported two ways, either as an app + IAP when belonging to a Title or as a package when sold individually.
Note: In Steam, apps/IAPs can't be purchased directly but rather through a package which means apps/IAPs do not have revenue of their own, just downloads.

How Downloads are Reported

To provide the most actionable data, downloads for packages are reported when a title is downloaded and play time is recorded. This is done by Steam, so it's accurate. Under the hood, downloads are derived from the “Downloads by Region” report that's available in your Steam developer account.

Note: DLCs, titles, and in-app purchases are still derived from the "retail activations" metric in Steams reports, which counts all downloads regardless of usage. That's a limitation of Steam's reporting.

To start tracking simply link your Steam developer account.

Connecting Your Steam Account Securely

We highly recommend setting up a separate group + user inside of Steam to sync with instead of providing your own credentials.

To create a group + user in Steam, login to your Steamworks account.

FYI - You'll need to have admin privileges to continue with this process.

  1. Go to Users & Permissions > Manage Users.
  2. Click on Add User.
  3. Set the role to view financial info. This role provides read-only access to reports.
  • Since Steam has support for groups + users, both the group and the user need this permission enabled.

Once the user has been created, head back into your Appfigures account and into Account settings → Linked Accounts → Link an Account.