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Keeping Track of App Ratings with Appfigures

Keeping track of your app’s ratings is a good way to understand if your users are happy with your app, and is also a number both Apple and Google emphasize to help users evaluate apps before downloading them.

With our Ratings report you can see your average rating, how many ratings your apps have, and a breakdown by stars for all countries.

In addition to seeing the totals, the report also shows all of those metrics by day, week, month, and year so you can easily identify trends in your user’s sentiment and correct them before they have an impact on your downloads.

The Report

As with other reports on the platform, the ratings report offers three main sections: totals, trends, and a data table.

The totals section makes it easy to see the number of new ratings received during the selected date range, as well as the overall counts and the average ratings.

The trends section displays the daily (or weekly/monthly/yearly) history for up to two metrics. This means you can chart the number of negative ratings vs downloads to see whether your users like the latest update.

The data table shows you the average rating, total ratings, and the count by number of stars as it would be seen in the store, as well as by day.

Available Metrics

The following metrics are available:

  • Ratings - the number of times the app was rated.
  • Average rating - the average number of stars from all ratings.
  • Positive - a convenience metric that’s the sum of 4 and 5 star ratings
  • Negative - a convenience metric that’s the sum of 1 and 2 star ratings.

In addition, the report provides the count for each number of stars (1 - 5).

This set of metrics is available as both a cumulative as well as the number of new ratings received during the selected time range.

Ratings can be tracked for apps available on the following stores:

  • iOS App Store
  • Google Play
  • Apple TV App Store
  • Mac App Store

API Access

All of the data in this report can also be accessed programmatically through our app store API.


How are ratings collected?

Ratings are collected daily. Since ratings from the store themselves are not tied to a date, we'll track the ratings day to day.

For example, let's take a look at two consecutive days with new ratings.

March 1st: A user leaves a 5 star rating.


5 star rating = 1


5 star rating = 1

March 2nd: Three ratings are left. Two 3 star ratings and one 2 star rating.


3 star rating = 2

2 star rating = 1


5 star rating = 1

3 star rating = 2

2 star rating = 1

  • This behavior will continue day over day.

Why can't I see any ratings for my Android app by country?

Google Play, unlike Apple, doesn't split up ratings by countries and rather has a single average. For this reason ratings for Android apps can't be displayed (or filtered by) country.

Why does the average rating for my iOS app not match what I see in the App Store?

The App Store handles ratings for each country separately, while the report collects data for all countries. When making comparisons make sure to select a single country first.