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Top SDK Charts

As a developer, selecting a 3rd party SDK is always a guessing game. Whether you're trying to figure out which analytics provider to use for your existing app or which game engine you should build your next game with, guessing is never a good strategy.

That's why we built the Top SDK Charts. We already know which SDKs are in use by millions of apps, so we count them all and rank the SDKs by category.

We also put together this brief FAQ to answer common questions we know you may have:

How often is the data refreshed?

The charts update in real time. We scan new apps with a few days of their releases or when they update, so the data is always up to date.

Can I see more than 10 SDKs?

Yes. Explorer subscribers can see the entire list, as well as the market share % and actual number of installs. Get started →

Can I see the actual apps an SDK is installed in?

Yes! Using Explorer you can list all the apps that have a certain SDK installed in a few clicks. You can also filter the list down further by perfromance, audience, and metadata to generate leads, competitor lists, acquisition targets, etc. Check it out →

Why is SDK X in category Y?

We manually categorize SDKs by the features they offer as described on their homepage. Some SDKs can be in multiple categories. If you think one of our tags needs to be updated please let us know.

How does the scanning work?

We manually fingerprint SDKs, then download apps and see if any of the SDK fingerprints are visible in the app. Our process ensures that we don't have any false positives, so when we say an app has an SDK installed it has that SDK installed.

Which apps are scanned?

We scan all free (and some paid) iOS and Android apps available on the App Store and Google Play.