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Why do I need to add my developer account to see reports?

The Appfigures platform provides a comprehensive set of reports about app store performance. Some reports work with any app, yours or competitors, and some are designed to only display information for apps that are yours.

To report accurate information about apps that are yours we need to connect to the source, your developer account, so we can import your data.

Reports that fall into this category include: Sales, Revenue, Ad Revenue, Ad Spend, Usage, and Payments.

You can still use Appfigures without connecting a developer account. The following reports are available for any apps, whether owned by you or not: Reviews, Ratings, Ranks, and Featured.

Privacy & Security

We take great care to protect your connected accounts both technically and also by having the strictest privacy policy in the industry. We don't and won't sell or share your private information.

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How can I monitor competitors or apps that aren't mine?

We've got app intelligence data available for App Store Optimization at the moment, and are working to bring a new suite of reports to Analytics that will enable digging into any app's estimated downloads and revenue, ads, ASO, news coverage, technologies they use, and much more.

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