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How Does Appfigures Find Related Keywords (for App Store Optimization)

Using Appfigures you can expand your app's keyword list by finding keywords that are related and relevant quickly, then use Keyword Insights to evaluate whether you should use them in your ASO.

Appfigures provides a rich list full of relevant and actionable keywords by using a proprietary AI algorithm we developed in-house that extracts keywords used by other apps competing over the same audience, ranking them by how likely we believe they are to fit your app and audience.

The results, as you can see below, go beyond words that are similar and includes keywords that are used in the store to generate real results. They may not even sound similar, but generally share the same meaning and intent.

Related Keyword for ASO Tools

To explore related keywords head into Keyword Inspector, type in a base keyword, and select the "Related Keywords" tab. The algorithm runs in real-time, searching through all keyword combinations in our database to find the ones that are most relevant.