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Why is Syncing Taking a Long Time?

Appfigures syncs all of your connected accounts in the background, so you don't have to worry about keeping your reports up to date. In addition however, we also offer the ability to sync your data on-demand.

The time it takes to sync an account depends on the type of account being synced, the number of apps in the account, and in some cases number of transactions. In most cases syncs take just a couple of minutes, but they could take longer.

Syncs can take much longer when the source is under heavy load. For example, App Store Connect gets very busy in the morning time (New York time), a little after reports become available for the previous day. Around that time on-demand syncs are expected to take more time.

Accounts with a lot of apps or transactions can also take a longer time. Some data sources require syncing data for each app, and sometimes each transaction, so getting the could take longer. This can be further amplified by the store being overloaded.

In cases when we detect slower-than-average syncing we'll automatically continue to run your on-demand sync int he background for you so your reports will always be up to date.