The Most Popular Mapping SDKs

We analyze millions of iOS and Android apps and games and rank SDKs by the number of apps they're currently installed in.
Based on our App Intelligence.

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Most Popular SDKs on App Store

App Store

  1. MapKit market share on App Store

    1. MapKit

  2. Google Maps market share on App Store 29%
  3. Mapbox market share on App Store 2%
  4. Carto market share on App Store

    4. Carto

Most Popular SDKs on Google Play

Google Play

  1. Google Maps market share on Google Play 99%
  2. Mapbox market share on Google Play 2%
  3. Carto market share on Google Play

    3. Carto

    < 1%
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How Does This Work?

We download and scan every free iOS and Android app when it's released or updated, to get a list of all SDKs it has installed. We use those to determine which SDK is used by most apps.

How Accurate is This Data?

Very accurate! Our SDK detection process uses a combination of automatec scanning and human validation which eliminates all false positives.

How Can I See All the SDKs a Specific App is Using?

Using our App Intelligence tools you can quickly see the full list of all SDKs and native APIs any iOS or Android is using.

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How Can I Find All Apps That Use a Specific SDK?

With Explorer you can select one or more SDKs and see all the apps that use them + set up alerts to be notified when new apps install them, or when they're uninstalled.

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