Oculus Went Mainstream in 2021

Ariel Ariel
1 minute read 12/31/21

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One last proxy, I promise. And I only chose it because it's a pretty significant trend that will definitely impact 2022.

Virutal Reality, or as the kids call it, VR.

The trend I noticed was a substantial increase in downloads of the Oculus app, Facebook's Meta's VR headset. Much like a Tesla, the app is necessary to operate the device and is useless otherwise, making it a good way to estimate device sales.

And if we follow that logic, demand for VR is HOT!

Downloads in December hit 1.7M, according to our App Intelligence, after the strongest Christmas Oculus has ever seen.

Looking at the chart, you can clearly see the spike Oculus sees every Christmas. And you can also see the scale 2021 brought.

The app, which launched in 2018, set its first Christmas bar at 187K downloads. It grew to 400K in 2019 and 826K in 2020. This means year over year growth for Oculus is sitting at 101%. Or, double. Just like last year but at a much larger scale.

With such high demand and with such high growth, we at least know that those ads Meta's running for Oculus are working. Kidding aside, Mark is banking on VR, and the more the devices feel familiar, the more VR can become a reality.

Apple's push for AR will face a similar path.

I don't know where you stand on VR, but I'm not looking forward to a world like that from Ready Player One.

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