The Highest Earning Apps in the U.S. in June

Ariel Ariel

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In addition to downloads, I also crunched the numbers and ranked the highest-earning apps in the US in May. I focus on the US for revenue because that's where most of the money is in, but if you want me to expand this report, let me know!

I would love to say that June was an exciting month in revenue, but it simply wasn't.

HBO Max continued to be the highest-earning app in the US, adding $47 million in net revenue to its bottom line in June, according to our estimates. What's interesting here is that there wasn't any amazing new title release that caused this. In fact, HBO Max seems to be going back to pre-covid release standards where new titles go to theaters first. Yet, revenue is still holding up.

I say that while looking at Disney+, which made the list in June easily, but with about half the revenue. Remember when the two were very close?

LinkedIn made the cut again in June, adding $15 million of net revenue to its bottom line. Our estimates show most of that total coming from the App Store.

Together, the top 10 highest earning apps raked in a cool $299 million of net revenue from the US in June. A bit lower than May, which was a bit lower than April. I hope July will break the pattern.

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