The Same but Bigger โ€“ Ranking The Highest Earning Apps in July

Ariel Ariel

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This week, I ranked the highest earning apps in the US, where much of the money is, this list is almost an exact copy of June's. And I'm not at all surprised.

The highest earning apps in the US in July

Tinder was the highest earning app in the US in July, raking in $48 million in net revenue, according to our estimates. It reclaimed the top spot from master streamer HBO Max, which came in second in July with $47 million in net revenue from its iOS and Android apps.

HBO Max also updated its logo recently, making it darker and slightly less friendly. Maybe it's a sign of things to come, now that movie theaters are trying to find their place in our society again.

YouTube, TikTok, and Bumble complete the top 5 in our list for July. All of those, except for TikTok, earned more in July than they did in June.

TikTok's revenue has been sloping down for all of 2022. It's still massive, but it's interesting to see how the growth in demand isn't generating more revenue but rather less.

If you're interested in my thoughts on TikTok's revenue vs. downloads and prediction for the future, check out this episode on YouTube, where I'll get into it a bit more. It's not live yet but will be soon.

The remaining 5 match June's list perfectly, starting with Disney+ at #6 all the way down to LinkedIn in #10.

Disney's revenue stagnation is one of the factors that led to the price increase it announced recently, which covers Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN. All three will see a price increase later this year, but it's ESPN that will be hit the hardest as it's currently the lowest. This change is both a good and bad sign at the same time. Also, another reminder that the streaming war is close to over.

Net revenue for the top 10 combined inched a bit in July to $307 million, up from $299 million in June. Nothing to write home about, but at least it didn't go down. I expect to see it rise again in September as kids return to school and "normal" work resumes.

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