The Most Downloaded Mobile Games in February

Ariel Ariel

February, the month that normally sees a dip in downloads after strong December and January is now over. We've crunched the numbers to find the mobile games with the most downloads, and not surprisingly, overall downloads are a bit lower.

February saw new winners across the different stores and also globally, and the message we're reading here is that hyper casual games are back and aren't going anywhere.

Familiar names across both the App Store and Google Play are still there. Among Us!, Roblox, and Call of Duty continue to float in the top 10 on the App Store side, while Garena Free Fire, DOP 2, and Subway Surfers continue to dominate on Google Play.

Among Us! is the only title that isn't bursting heavily to make all three lists, showing just how powerful word of mouth is to downloads.

February's winners are Zynga and Supersonic Studios, with the latter taking the crown universally with more than 24M estimated downloads. Join Clash has made the top 10 since we started releasing this monthly report back in November, so this isn't a surprise.

In total, the top 10 apps across both stores saw more than 172M downloads in February, the shortest month of the year. The total is noticably lower than January and December, which make sense as we ease out of the holiday rush and go back to school.

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Back on Top

A new(ish) name to this list with the most downloaded game on the App Store is Zynga, who we haven't seen with such a hit in quite a while.

Zynga's latest hyper casual title, High Heels!, which trades Subway Surfers' for a pair of... heels, was released at the tail end of January, and resembles pretty much every other hyper casual knockoff of Subway Surfers we've seen in recent months.

The title's crown is likely a result of heavy paid user acquisition which we can see with our Ad Intelligence running across a variety of ad networks including Google Ads, Unity Ads, and AppLovin.

Since its release, High Heels! scored 28M downloads globally across the two platforms, based on our estimates. Most of those downloads, about 68%, came from Android users in India, the U.S., Russia, and Brazil.

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