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How to link your App Store Connect (Previously iTunes Connect) account securely

Appfigures connects to your App Store Connect account directly to collect download and revenue reports for your apps and in-app purchases.

Managing linked accounts requires the Admin or Owner role. If you are a viewer please share this article with a team member who has the required role.

We need your username and password to link your App Store Connect account because Apple does not provide any other way for us to connect with App Store Connect (such as OAuth) that provides access to the data and actions we need to provide you with all of our features.

For your convenience, we support two ways of linking your App Store Connect account:

  1. Account credentials (with 2FA) - This is a secure way to link your account and be able to import data to feed all reports the platform offers, as well as reply to reviews.

  2. App-Specific Password - An App-Specific Password is a separate password you create that's dedicated for syncing and does not require 2FA. While robust, App-Specific Passwords offer limited access to data, so you will not be able to get usage, ad spend, or financial reports. You also won't be able to reply to reviews.

If you already have a set of credentials for an App Store Connect account you go ahead and link your account by visiting Account settings → Linked Accounts → Link an Account. Otherwise, follow the instructions below.

Creating a limited-access sub-account in App Store Connect

  1. Log into your App Store Connect account
  2. Click on Users and Access
  3. Click the + button at the top of the page
  4. Set the "First name" and "Last name" fields to your own name
  5. Set the "Email" field to an email that's different than the one you're currently using for your Apple account
  6. Select the following permissions from the list: Finance and Customer Support.
  7. Click on Invite.

It will look something like this:

After you send the invitation, Apple will send an email to the address you provided with instructions for setting up a password and activating the sub account. Follow the instructions and complete the setup.

Tip: When setting up your password we suggest using a complex password since you won't really have to remember it after entering it into your Appfigures account.

Creating an App-Specific Password

  1. Log into your Apple ID management page (not App Store Connect)
  2. Find the "Security" section, and click on “Generate Password” under App Specific Password.
  3. Enter a label for this password. "Appfigures" works.
  4. Click on “Create”
  5. A popup will open showing your password. This is the only time Apple will show you the password and there's no way to get it back, so make sure to enter it into your Appfigures account and save to make sure it worked before closing the popup.

Next: Head back into your Appfigures account and into `Account settings → Linked Accounts to connect the App Store Connect account with the new credentials.

If you run into any issues or need help setting up your sub account please contact us.