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Mapping ad units and usage properties to apps

We import data from a variety of data sources and display that data by app. Some data sources, specifically ad and usage networks use their own convention for reporting data which sometimes use names and ids that aren't those of the parent app the data belongs to.

In order for us to match data from those sources directly to apps we need to connect them directly.

We use information from the data source to tell us which app the imported data belongs to. Some data sources do a great job at this (those units are mapped automatically), while others don't so we can't match them automatically (we don't like guessing).

To get those units mapped we created a page that lists all available units (ad units, Google Analytics properties, etc.) where you can match them to their parent apps.

Visit the Unit Mapping page →

Mapping units to apps

Your unit matching page contains three different lists: Unmatched, Matched, and Ignored. Each list can be filtered by source and also name of the ad unit or property for quick navigation.

Matching is simple: Select the parent app for each unmatched unit from the list on the right. If you don't want a specific unit to be associated with any app (ex. test ad units, units for apps you're not tracking, etc.) simply select ignore.

Once you select an app the match will be saved and data will be available in your reports reports right away.

If you made a mistake, or want to make a change simply re-visit the page at any time and change the mapping.