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Apple's Limited Retention Policy With Sales Reports

App Store Connect has a limited retention policy when it comes to sales reports.

While Apple's retention policy originally started off with seven days of daily reports, that's now grown to the last 365 days of daily reports.

Apple's current retention policy:

  • Daily - last 365 days
  • Weekly - 52 weeks
  • Monthly - last 12 months
  • Yearly - all time

FYI - we never delete any reports from your account, so going forward you will always have access to all of your reports inside your Archive, even when the raw reports are no longer available in your App Store Connect account.

How does this impact Net Downloads vs All Net Downloads?

Depending on when your app was released, and when you initially link your App Store Connect account, this limited retention policy can cause a difference between Net Downloads and All Net Downloads.

When looking at Net Downloads this number is specifically based off the imported reports for the selected granularity and date range. Selecting the daily granularity for 2022 would provide the Net Downloads number directly form the daily reports from Jan. 1st, 2022 to today.

All Net Downloads take into account all granularities (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly) to provide an accurate all time total. If your app was available prior to the daily report start date, the downloads will still be included based on the yearly reports.

For example, you released your app on November 1st, 2020 and you link your App Store Connect account for the first time on January 1st, 2022. Daily, weekly, and monthly reports will be available from Apple back to January 2021. Data from November 2020 to December 2020 would not be within Apple's retention policy so daily/weekly/monthly reports would stop in 2021. The yearly report however would be available for 2020.

The All Net Downloads total would reflect data back to 2020 because it's taking into account the yearly report from 2020 as well as the more granular reports from 2021.