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What is the Collective Intelligence Program?

The Collective Intelligence Program is a new initiative which will allow us to provide you with greater context about the app industry and your competition, while respecting your privacy.

It is an aggregated, completely anonymized data set of performance metrics (downloads, sales, etc.) from a wide variety of mobile apps. It will allow us to create new features which frame your apps' performance in the greater context of the industry.

Appfigures members may choose to contribute to this data set or opt out of it completely.

Why should I contribute?

Joining the Collective Intelligence program will help us provide you with context about the app industry and your competitors.

A wise engineer once said “without data you’re just another person with an opinion”. When it comes to the app market there are a lot of opinions but not always enough data available to justify them. Market data is not accessible to most app developers, and not always at the quality we believe is possible. By contributing you can help us change that.

How is data privacy maintained?

We value your privacy and that shapes every product we build. Given the sensitivity associated with sharing performance metrics, we are taking great care to ensure that all contributed data will be used securely and anonymously.

Your individual performance metrics will never be made public or shared with any third party, and will always remain private to your Appfigures account. Your data will only be used to build statistical and machine learning models to help us estimate performance. All identifiable information about your apps is removed, and the data is combined with other anonymous data.

Can I opt out once I've opted in?

Absolutely. You can opt-out at any time by changing the data sharing settings in your profile.

Will I ever be required to contribute?

No. Contributing your data is and will always be completely optional. Giving you full control of your data has always been fundamental to our mission as a company. You can read more about our commitment to privacy in our privacy policy.

When did this initiative start?

We opened up the Collective Intelligence Program to contributions by some members in May 2018.