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Firebase Analytics

The Firebase SDK, replacing the earlier Google Analytics SDK, is a web and mobile analytics platform that tracks a variety of usage metrics that's available to iOS and Android apps.

We import the following metrics from Firebase:

  • Sessions - The number of times a user started the app in the given day. Multiple times count as multiple sessions.
  • Active Users - The number of users who interacted with the app by starting at least one session. Multiple sessions only count as a single user.
  • New Users - The number of users who have launched your app for the first time.
  • Monthly Active Users - Number of active users over a 28 day period.
  • Weekly Active Users - Number of active users over a 7 day period.
  • Conversions - The number of conversion events.
  • Engaged Sessions - The number of sessions, lasting more than 10 seconds, having a conversion event, or more than two screen views.
  • Engagement Rate - Percentage of engaged sessions.
  • Average Session Length - The average duration of a session.
  • Session/User - Number of sessions per user.
  • Views - The number of screens viewed.
  • Views/User - Average number of viewed screens per user.
  • Total Session Length - Total duration of all sessions.

Bring your Firebase Analytics data into Appfigures by connecting your Firebase account. Once linked we'll import all available history.