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Linking Your Windows Developer Account

Linking your Windows account will enable you to track the following with Appfigures:

  • App downloads and revenue
  • IAP purchases and revenue
  • Reviews

Note: For the most secure access, we recommend setting up a separate sub-user inside of your Windows Developer Account for Appfigures.

Note: Managing linked accounts requires the Admin or Owner role. If you are a viewer please share this article with a team member who has the required role.

Connecting Your Windows Developer Account

  1. Log into your Appfigures Account
  2. Go to your Linked Accounts by clicking on your name (top right) and then on "Link Account"
  3. Click on "+ Link an Account"
  4. Select Windows from the list of providers
  5. Enter the email address and password for your Windows account
  6. Click on "Add"

Appfigures will now verify your information and link your account. Your data will begin populating in the next few minutes.

Creating a sub user in your Windows Developer Account

To create a sub-user:

  1. Log into your Windows Developer Account
  2. Click on Account Settings > User Permissions (of Partner Center)
  3. Click the Add New.
  4. Set the First Name and Last Name fields to to Appfigures and Analytics
  5. Set the email field to an email that isn't your main email but you have access to.
  6. Select the following permissions from the list: Finance Contributor.
  7. Click Save.

Windows will send an email to the address you provided. Follow the instructions in the email to complete the setup.

When setting up your password we suggest using a complex password since you won't really have to remember it after entering it into your Appfigures account.

When you have a password, proceed into your Appfigures account's Linked Accounts screen and link the account using the email address and password from the previous steps.