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Connecting Appfigures and Adobe Experience Cloud for App Analytics

The Adobe Experience Cloud is a powerful platform for business intelligence.

Appfigures integrates with the Adobe Experience Cloud to bring a wealth of information from your mobile apps, including downloads, revenue, ratings, and much more for rich dashboards.

Important: This integration is available on the Amplify and Explore plans.

Connecting Appfigures and Adobe requires that you first create a Developer Project Adobe Analytics, connect it to your Appfigures accounts, and then choose which apps to collect data from.

1. Create an Adobe Analytics Developer Project

  1. Head into your Adobe Project Dashboard. You'll need to be an admin to do this.
  2. Click Create new project.
  3. Click Edit project and change the default project name to Appfigures Analytics. If you plan on creating multiple projects for different apps make sure to add that to the name so each project is unique.
  4. Click Add to Project and then API.
  5. Select Adobe Analytics and then Next.
  6. Select OAuth Server-to-Server and name it Appfigures OAuth.
  7. Select the Adobe Analytics product profile you would like to see your Appfigures data within and then Save configured API.
  8. Click the newly created OAuth credentials in the project Credentials section.
  9. Copy the Client Id and Client Secret. You'll need both to connect.

2. Link the Adobe Analytics Developer Project to Appfigures

  1. Head into the Linked Accounts section of your Appfigures account. You'll need to be an admin to do this.
  2. Click Link an Account and select Adobe Analytics from the dropdown.
  3. Add the Client Id and Client Secret obtained in step #8 above.
  4. Give the integration a descriptive name pertaining to the Adobe profile that was used to create the Adobe project.

Your Appfigures is now connected to your Adobe accounts and can start bringing data from your apps.

3. Assign Apps to a Project

Once your account is connected, our enterprise team will help you assign apps to projects so you can view data in your dashboards.

While not a requirement, you can set up separate projects for different apps. If you plan on doing that please follow these instructions for every project before reaching out to our enterprise team.