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What is sharing?

Sharing lets you provide other Appfigures members with secure access to your downloads, sales and ad revenue data.

Sharing allows for easy collaboration among individuals, or organizations with different Appfigures accounts. For example, you may want to share data with a publisher, developer, promotion site, or investor.

If you were to share your data manually, then you’d have to export the data, save it locally and forward it to all of your colleagues. The Sharing option automates this process, ensuring that everyone sharing your data has the most up to date numbers.

As always, you'll have full control over your private information. You can easily choose who to share with, specific products, date ranges and predetermine how long you'd wish to share for. The members you share with will not be able to share your data with others via Appfigures and you can easily grant, or revoke sharing access at any time.

Keep in mind that you should only share data with folks that you trust! To start sharing, if you have admin privileges, go into Account Settings → Sharing.