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How do I share my data?

If you have admin privileges, then you can visit your Account Settings (top right corner) and choose the 'Sharing' section. Here you’ll have the option to create a new Share Group.

You'll need to enter the following information:

  • A title - Choose a descriptive title to distinguish between different groups (ex. sales data to show mom).
  • The products to share - Choose only the products that you'd like to grant access to (it’s view-only access). These products will have all of their private data shared, including sales data, in-app items and ad revenue. You can choose to 'share all products,' to automatically share all your current and future products.
  • Members to share with - To invite someone to your share group add their personal email to the list. When you hit 'Save' we'll send out email invitations to all the folks that you've invited. They'll have the option to accept your invitation into their current Appfigures account, or to create a new account.
  • Date ranges to share - You can share data within a specific date range. For example, you may only want to share your sales data from the previous year with a publisher instead of granting access to your current data.
  • Expiration date - You can set an expiration date for a share group. After the expiration date, the shared data will no longer be accessible to the group's members.

You can easily edit any aspect of a share group, or delete a group at any time.