Not that kind of widget, but...

Ariel Ariel

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Last one about widgets, I promise. A game-in-a-widget made its way into the top charts this week, unsurprisingly, but it's not actually the kind of widget all the fuss is about.

Steve - The Jumping Dinosaur! is a simple tapping game in the old type of widget, the one that goes into the Today screen. Still, with this week's widget craze, having “widget” in your app's name is all you need, and Steve has it.

Widget game downloads in the App  Store

Downloads exploded, peaking at 255K estimated downloads on Sunday. Prior to iOS14, the game/widget averaged about 3K downloads a day. Impressive for a widget, but... that's an 85x increase in download overnight. For a widget.

Downloads on Android, which are considerably higher, have remained pretty flat.

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