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This Week in Apps

This Week in Apps #109 - Off to a Weird Start...

CNN Joins the streaming race, the new (old) widget that's taking over the App Store, the highest earning apps and games, and more.

This Week in Apps

This Week in Apps #99 - Widgets In The Lead Again

If it feels like a lot of apps and games are going viral in 2022 that's because they are.


Another Widget Took over the App Store

Last month a widget took over the App Store seemingly overnight thanks to TikTok. Fast forward barely a month, and ano...

This Week in Apps

This Week in Apps #93 - What a Year for Content!

What do the most downloaded apps this year tell us about the future? It's all about creators!


App Teardown - Color Widgets Has Some Opportunities

In this teardown we'll be examining the keyword and on-page ASO of Color Widget on the App Store

This Week in Apps

This Week in Apps #28 - Widgets Are on Fire, Pinterest and Discord, Too!

Apple's unannounced release of iOS14 gives some apps an unimaginable boost


Widgets. Widgets. Widgets.

How much time have you spent adding and stacking widgets on your iPhone this week? Based on our estimates, lots of peo...


Not that kind of widget, but...

Last one about widgets, I promise. A game-in-a-widget made its way into the top charts this week, unsurprisingly, but ...


Pinterest, too

Pinterest set a record high for single-day downloads on the App Store this week, netting more than 297K downloads glob...


All that talkin'

Discord, a chat app favors by gamers, is having a fantastic 2020. Downloads skyrocketed during the lockdown by a facto...


Free streamin'

There's a warm place in this newsletter for streaming services, and that's because right now, it's still a pretty hot ...