Renewed Demand for SHEIN Results In an All-New High

Ariel Ariel
1 minute read Apr. 22

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Shopping thrifty? After a surprising end to 2021, fast-fashion shopping app SHEIN has hit a new milestone.

SHEIN, the clothing app that rose in popularity over lockdown season and even beat Amazon for a hot minute, is back! It didn't really go anywhere, but downloads did dip a lot in 2022. Well, that's all done.

SHEIN has had an interesting ride since the pandemic started. It opened 2020 with a little over 100,000 downloads a day. A nice number that would triple by the end of the year.

2021 was a bit rougher, and even though it saw a 50% increase in downloads, the trend was sloping in the wrong direction for the shopping app. It ended 2021 with just 257,000 daily downloads.

But then, this Tuesday, global downloads across both platforms grew to 675,000, according to our estimates. And it's not a single spike. Downloads have been rising slowly since the beginning of the year.

Right now, SHEIN is getting more downloads than shopping king Amazon in the US. How long will it stick this time?

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