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This Week in Apps

This Week in Apps #64 - TikTok the King Maker

What happen on TikTok Impacts the App Store, Clubhouse is Still Relevant, Etsy, and My Two Favorite Streamers.

This Week in Apps

This Week in Apps #63 - The Streaming Wars Continue

This week we look at how Poparazzi became the most downloaded app in the US, Amazon's strategy, and the future of mobility (hint: micro).


Amazon Slips, Lets Fast Fashion SHEIN Take Download Lead

The secretive Chinese fast-fashion retailer is turning mobile commerce on its head right now.

This Week in Apps

This Week in Apps #38: It's Not All About Shopping

Top apps in November, Slack, Shop, the NBA, and Hulu made it into this week's recap.

App Teardowns

App Teardown - Walmart Could Use Some Help

In this teardown we'll be examining the keyword and on-page ASO of Walmart on the App Store


Demand for Walmart's Flagship App Tops Amazon's for First Time in 2020

A look into how Walmart's mobile strategy is chipping at Amazon's competitive advantage


Shopify Launches Shop, Takes Top Rank from Walmart and Challenges Amazon

A strategic move by Shopify propels their new shopping assistant to the top of the charts