Is Amazon Prime Day Still Worth it (for Amazon)?

Ariel Ariel
Jul. 22

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Amazon wrapped up its annual Prime Day event here in the US last week, and I was very curious to see how many new mobile shoppers it managed to bring.

I'm curious about Amazon for two reasons. The first is simple: one of the first insights I published oh so many years ago was about Prime Day. The other is that I'm interested in seeing if Amazon hit its peak or if there's more to conquer. A bit more relevant.

Obviously, more demand is great for Amazon, but the way I see it, demand for Amazon really means demand for mobile shopping. It may not be easy for others to compete, but if it were easy, it wouldn't be fun, right?

Amazon Prime Day download estimates by Appfigures

Just a brief glance at our download estimates answered my question and fast. We estimate that Prime Day 2022 (7/12 - 13) gave Amazon more than 370 thousand new mobile users in the US.

But that wasn't all. Looking at downloads, the excitement started a bit before. Almost a whole week before. Downloads started rising on Friday (7/8) and didn't slow down until last Friday (7/15). Our estimates put the entire week at around 1.5 million new mobile users.

That's a nice number, but the real question is simple. Is this higher or lower than last year? Absolutely! 2020 had a slight bump of just 30 thousand new users above the daily average, and in 2021, downloads barely showed any sign of excitement.

Coming into this, I really expected downloads to be slow and boring, which means Amazon has reached its potential on mobile. It wouldn't mean it's reached the end, but it means it's now growing with the population.

That, however, is not at all the case.

The pandemic managed to change a lot of trends and shopping is one of the top ones. That's great news for Amazon but should also be seen as an opportunity for other retailers. Apple Pay (and upcoming Apple Pay Later) make purchasing easy, higher gas prices make it easier to forgo a trip to the store, and the incredible speed at which goods go from a picture on our phones to a box in our hands are ushering a new wave for mobile shopping.

Not online shopping. Mobile shopping.

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