TikTok Reclaims the Lead! The Most Downloaded Apps in the World in July

Ariel Ariel
Aug. 12

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Time for our monthly ranking of the most downloaded apps in the world for July. The gist for July is that one app disappeared from the list, another was added, and most apps on the list got more downloads than in June.

Also, TikTok flexed its muscle!

The most downloaded apps in the world in July

TikTok reclaimed its top spot in July as the most downloaded app in the world. It added 61 million new users to its platform across the App Store and Google, according to our estimates.

Instagram, which almost made a big mistake a few weeks ago but decided not to follow through with it, came in a close second. Considering TikTok is still banned in India, Instagram's biggest area of growth, I see this as a massive win for TikTok.

Shorter has become better over the last few years, and TikTok is the champion of that. I expect to see it in the lead next month as well.

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat complete the top five, matching June's list perfectly. The bottom 5 align almost perfectly as well, but for one exception – Google sheets.

In July, Google Sheets saw enough downloads to rank 8th on our most downloaded list with 22 million estimated downloads. As more professionals travel during the summer, demand for mobile productivity tools grows as well. Google Sheets took SHEIN's place. With a little under 19 million estimated downloads, SHEIN couldn't beat last place WhatsApp Business.

Together, the top 10 most downloaded apps in the world found their way into 358 million devices in July, according to our estimates. That's a small increase from June's total, which isn't all that significant, but also wasn't a decrease.

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