The Mobile Download Index Dashboard

Whether your apps are a side business or only source of revenue, knowing what trends are currently happening, and being able to see beyond your own downloads, is crucial to growing. This is even more true in times of uncertainty.

To help you see what's going on we've opened up the Mobile Download Index dashboard for free so you can see daily download trends for every category and every country together, for free.

This dashboard is a new effort we're rolling out to help developers get insight to better navigate in these uncertain times. Please help us to improve the data by joining Collective Intelligence.

Using the Mobile Download Index

Using the Index and the dashboard you can see download trends across countries and categories, updated daily with up to two years of history.

Get Context and Set Expectations

See how your download trends compare to your category. This will help you describe your trends, and also understand what you can get if you do more to promote your app.

Do that on a daily basis so as things change, and during uncertain times like we are in now they can and are likely to change quickly, you can adjust your expectations.

Better Plan for the Future

If you’re planning on building a new app in the future you should first check the Index for that category across countries to see how the category is changing. This is always necessary, but in turbulent times it’s even more necessary to ensure you have a successful launch and not a flop.

We hope you find the index and the dashboard useful and would love to hear your feedback.

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