The Most Downloaded Mobile Games in March

Ariel Ariel
2 minute read 4/15/21

We've survived February's Dip™ and have made it through March, seeing downloads settle back into their regular routine. As we do every month, we crunched the numbers and used our App intelligence to round up the most downloaded games globally, across the App Store, Google Play, and combined.

Copy & Paste!

Remember the rulers of last month's most downloaded list? Well, in that case, you now know this month's winners...

Zynga's High Heels and Supersonic Studio's Join Clash 3D were the most downloaded games on the App Store and Google Play, respectively, according to our App Intelligence. High Heels added 4.4M iOS users to its pool, while Join Clash 3D added 24.7M Android users in March, based on our estimates.

Join Clash 3D ended March with more than 26M downloads across both platforms, up ~2M from February.

It's such a good copy/paste job that even 2nd places are nearly identical! Project Makover on the App Store, same as February, and Garena Free Fire, which came in #4 last month.

But while the top remained fairly static, the bottom saw a good shuffle with classic title Subway Surfers rising and titles from Voodoo, Casual Azur, and Crazy labs sneaking in.

Together, the top 10 most downloaded games raked in 162M downloads in March, continuing February's dip.

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Did You Join the Clash?

Supersonic studio's Join Clash 3D, the two-time leader in our charts this year, has been busy since its release in early 2020.

Busy, in the case of Join Clash and based on our estimates, means 247 million downloads in the span of just about a year. The majority of those, nearly 90% or 220M downloads, came from Android devices.

India contributed the most downloads, nearly 30% or 70M downloads, followed by Indonesia, Brazil, and Egypt, all earning the game more downloads than the U.S.

Competing with hyper-casual titles is getting harder and harder, especially the ones that have carte blanche with ad budgets, and that's something to keep an eye on. Why? Because it will, in the long term, upset the delicate balance games have to strike between quality and distribution.

The days of viral success are behind us. A good reminder of that is the disappearance of Among Us! from the top 10 list for Google Play this month. But with every end comes a new future, a new batch of games that will surprise and delight their way to the top of the charts. I'm very much looking forward to those.

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