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Subscription Apps Share of Revenue Hit an All-Time High This Year

Browsing the App Store and Google Play top charts, it's very clear more and more apps are making money through subscript...

This Week in Apps

This Week in Apps #122 - Mergers Or Acquisitions?

App Tracking Transparency continues to (re)shape the mobile game world, yet in-app revenue continues to grow. That and more in this week's episode.

This Week in Apps

This Week in Apps #58 - It's the End of the App Store as We Know It

App Tracking Transparency is becoming mandetory next week, the nightmare of many providers and soon, developers. What does it mean? And more, of course.

This Week in Apps

This Week in Apps #56 - Spotify, Scooters, and Facebook's Latest Move

This week's round-up of insights include a strange move by Facebook, a look at Spotify's journey, micro mobility, and more.