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Adding a sub-user that already has an Appfigures account

The Appfigures platform allows each email address to be associated with one AppFigures account. This means that a single email address cannot be a sub-user of more than one account.

It's possible to give a single email address access to data from multiple Appfigures account using the Sharing functionality. Read more about Sharing →.

If you do however need to add a team member as a sub-user and can't use sharing, you have two possible options:

  1. Use a different email address for this sub-user - If the user has a separate email address they can use, take that email address instead. You can alternatively use plus-addressing to use the same email address for separate accounts.
  2. Have the user close their existing Appfigures account - If the account was opened by mistake or is not longer in use (ex. needing to connect to a corporate account), closing the account is the simplest solution. Closing the account will free up their email address. Once free, it can be added to the master account.