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Usage reports overview

Usage (aka. in-app analytics) are a suite or reports that give you insight into how your app is used. We collect an report on a variety of metrics that include sessions and active users/devices (depending on the integration) to help you visualize important metrics easily using the same reports you're already used to. In addition, we provide the ability to merge usage metrics with many other metrics from the app store including downloads and revenue.


We import usage data from three sources: iTunes Analytics (for iOS and tvOS apps), as well as through Google Analytics (any app that's integrated the SDK) and Flurry Analytics (for any app that's integrated the SDK).

These provide us access to a wealth of usage information that we then provide in three different reports, including: by date, country, and app.

More details: App Analytics | Firebase | Flurry Analytics

As with other reporting suits, usage can be reported for any number of apps at once and for any given date range.


In addition to the standard flexibility, the usage reporting suit incorporates a new platform feature we call overlays. Overlays let you display two different data sets in a single chart so you can compare and correlate trends easily.

With overlays you can easily answer questions such as:

  • What's my usage conversion rate? (Downloads vs. Active users)
  • How engaged are my users? (Sessions vs. Active users)
  • Does my ad revenue scale? (Sessions vs. Ad revenue)
  • How does revenue scale with engagement? (Avg. session length vs. In-app purchases)


Usage reports are available to all members on all plans.

If your apps are for iOS or tvOS you already have some usage data available through our integration with iTunes Analytics. If your apps are for other platforms, or if you want deeper usage information you can link your Google Analytics or Flurry Analytics account.

If you're using an analytics platform we haven't integrated yet please let us know.