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Replying To App Reviews With Google Play

Using Appfigures you can easily read, and now reply to app reviews your users are leaving you through Google Play.

To be able to reply to reviews you'll need to create an app key in your Google account. Follow the steps below to create a key securely.

Managing linked accounts requires the Admin or Owner role. If you are a viewer please share this article with a team member who has the required role.

Get a key from Google:

Only the owner of the Google Play account can configure API access
  1. Log into your Google Play Developer Console

  2. Click on Settings (in the left sidebar) → API Access. If at this point you see a message stating only an account owner can provision API access please stop and forward these instructions to the owner of your Google Play account.

  3. Optional: If you see a Create project button, click it.

  4. Click Create Service Account.

  5. A popup window will open with instructions. Click the link to the Google API Console, which will open in a new tab.

  6. Click Create Service Account at the top of the page.

  7. Name your service account "Appfigures" and click "Create",

  8. Select the Project → Owner role and click "Create". You must select the Owner role to be able to reply to reviews. Then, "Continue"

  9. Click "Create Key" , then select the JSON key type, then click "Create" and save the file. Once you've saved the filed, hit "Done".

  10. Close the new popup window that opened and go back to the Google Play Console and dismiss the popup from step 4. The list will refresh to show your new Service Account.

  11. Then, click the Grant Access button next to the Service Account you just created.

  12. In the pop up, uncheck all of the permissions except for View app information and Reply to reviews to limit this account's access. Then, click Add user.

Add the key to your Appfigures account:

  1. Log into your account, and navigate to Account settings > Linked accounts

  2. Find the Google Play account you'll be adding the key to from the list and click the "Edit" option.

  3. In the popup that'll open, click the button to "Add Reply to Reviews key"

  4. Select the file you downloaded in step 7 above and click "Open".

  5. We'll automatically make sure the key is correct and add it to your account.

That's it! You should now be able to reply to Android reviews directly.


Google imposes limits on the Reply To Reviews API.

The limit that's most likely to be hit is the limit for GET requests, which is 60/hour. Each response ends up using two GET requests under the scenes, which means that you will only be able to reply to 30 reviews an hour. If you exceed these limits you'll get notified by Appfigures and will need to wait an hour until the quota resets.