The Most Downloaded Mobile Games in December 2020

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The year's busy season for games has come and gone, and with it the holiday season and loads of new devices gifted on both platforms. Here are the games that got the most downloads in December, based on our App Intelligence.

Old and New. Mostly Old.

Unlike November, we're now ranking each store as well as a combined list across both. We'll start with the obvious—Among Us! is still, well, among the most downloaded games.

The most downloaded games in December 2020 as ranked by Appfigures

Among Us! ended a fantastic year by adding an estimated 48M new downloads in December. That's its lowest month since taking off in August, but then again, it's 48,000,000 new downloads. Most of which came through Google Play, which outpaces the App Store four to one.

If you compare this list to November's, you'll see four new icons in both stores, and a popular icon gone—Candy Crush.

Incumbents Roblox and Garena Free Fire continue to hold on but were notched down a few spots on the App Store and Google Play, respectively, by hyper casual-titles from Voodoo and SayGames. Noticeably, Voodoo now has two titles in the top 10 in each store, giving me an early 2020 vibe.

According to our estimates, in December, the combined top 10 games were downloaded a total of 240M times globally. 18% of those downloads, about 42M, came through the App Store, with the rest coming in through Google Play.

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Let the Good Times Roll

December's spotlight goes to Sushi Roll 3D, which has been spending on both video and interactive ads according to our ad intelligence.

It worked.

Estimates downloads for Sushi Roll 3D on the App Store and Google Play in December

Sushi Roll 3D added an estimated 26.5M new downloads in December as part of this campaign and also became the top result for the keyword sushi (Inspect) in US App Store.

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