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This Week in Apps

This Week in Apps #90 - Everything's Big!

Supercell tried to go big, Black Friday was big, Scanners make big money, Apple cut a big chunk, and TikTok had a big day.


The Other Impact of App Tracking Transparency

App Tracking Transparency, Apple's new requirement that apps and games that use tracking variables ask the user for pe...

This Week in Apps

This Week in Apps #74 - Dating Apps Score, What's Turo, PUBG's Return, and more

This week we, again, use data to analyze future IPOs, see a shifting trend in how couples meet, and take a closer look at App Tracking Transparency.


Dating app revenue balloons

As I was analyzing revenue trends this week, I noticed Tinder has been crushing it. Then I noticed Bumble's on a simil...


The numbers behind App Tracking Transparency

It's been a while since I last looked at the numbers behind Apple's attempt to end Facebook (aka App Tracking Transpar...


Ranked: The top games in July

We rounded up the top games, by downloads and revenue, for July, and here are the results: ![The most downloaded mobi...


Car rental's new star

Covid has wreaked havoc on the car rental market, but as we continue to claw out of lockdowns and more things are open...

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How to Craft the Perfect ATT (App Tracking Transparency) Prompt and Pre-Prompt Copy

Increase your chances of getting users to opt into data sharing with these tips

This Week in Apps

This Week in Apps #59 - Do They Even Care?

ATT is here and it's already changing how apps behave. Plus the Airbnb competitor you probably didn't know about.