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This Week in Apps

This Week in Apps #81 - Gotta Be Original

Hulu and Netflix are benefits from original content while math is becoming popular via app (like everything else...)


Apple Wants to Know What You Think

Apple quietly rolled out a small change with an interesting impact a couple of weeks ago. They [made it possible to ra...


Hulu’s Unbelievable Month

I look at streamers fairly often, and most of the attention goes to HBO Max and Disney, the two fairly new apps that h...


Netflix Hits Another One Out of the Park

Original content has been the name of the game for a long time now. It's what's keeping HBO Max and Disney at the top ...


A Better Way to Learn Math?

Like most things, tutoring is moving in-app. Photomath has been the clear leader in the math tutoring space for a very...


A Look at the Numbers Behind Pokémon Unite

Last week I looked at the latest release from Pokmon. It was too new so we didn't have too much in the form of numbers...