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End of An Era for Zoom - Downloads Drop Below Pre-Pandemic Levels

Zoom, the app that made lockdowns slightly less depressing for many of us, has hit a new pace of downloads that wraps up...


Zoom Has a Problem Called Microsoft Teams

What do you use for meetings? I bet most of you are using Zoom, Slack, or Teams. Zoom doesn't exactly compete with Sla...

Keyword Teardowns

#78 - Zoom is Trying App Store Optimization - Incorrectly...

Many enterprise apps make 3 App Store Optimization mistakes that really hurt their discovery


Zoom Makes a Surprise Comeback

Zoom clawed its way back into the most downloaded apps list in January, with downloads growing the most since the madn...

This Week in Apps

This Week in Apps #22 - Epic Goes to Battle, TikTok's SDK, Zoom, and more.

Epic's latest stunt means Fortnite is now losing thousands of dollars every hour.


Zynn Launches, Challenges TikTok and Dethrones Zoom

Just when TikTok thought everything was going well...

This Week in Apps

This Week in Apps #7 - TikTok's New Record, India ♥️ Fortnite but not Amazon, Facebook's Zoom-Envy, and more

What does China's "new normal" look like? Facebook puts up a fight, the USPS is in demand.


Verizon Chases Zoom, Acquires Blue Jeans to Get Into Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is the future, according to Verizon

This Week in Apps

This Week in Apps #3: Things are slowing down, a Zoom alternative, and more.

Exaggerated trends are continuing to be the norm on the App Store and Google Play.


The Open Source Zoom Alternative with More than 1.4M Downloads

Jitsi Meet is a free alternative to Zoom that's taking off all around the world